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Advanced Three-Man Umpire Camp

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February 24 – March 1 | Auburndale, Florida

This camp offers advanced instruction and teaching with an emphasis on developing the individual umpire’s skills, improve muscle memory, and creating a passion for continued learning on how to become the best at this unique craft.

Every year we are pushing the training curriculum to continually improve and look for the best way to umpire baseball games at the college level. However, we don’t lose sight of the tried-and-true methods umpires need to master. Our camp sets a high bar and gives you the tools to reach it.

This camp was created in response to the overwhelming registration for our October 2019 Florida camps. Get ready for the 2020 season while working NCAA games in the three-man system and making back a portion of your camp tuition with every game you work.

The camp begins on Monday morning, February 24, and concludes Sunday night, March 1. Out-of-town students should plan on arriving on February 23. Registration limited to the first 15, approved and paid students. Travel arrangements should not be made prior to approval.

Our staff is lead by UCU President and NCAA Division I Coordinator, Chris Marshall.


We offer the following options:

  • Tuition + Single Room – $1,450 (Ramada Level Hotel)
  • Tuition + Double Room (Umpire House) – $1,250*
  • Tuition Only – $900
*Includes daily & airport transportation. Transportation only guaranteed in the $1,250 package.

Game Fees

Umpires are paid for games worked as part of this camp.

• 9 inning game – $65
• 7 inning game – $55